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Artist name:  ANTANAS

Band members: Nenad Antanasijevic  ANTANAS, keyboards, drums, lead and  bass guitar, programming, sound designer and producer

Genre of music: Ambiental, electronic and new age instrumental

Hometown: Belgrade, Serbia

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Influences: Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Deep Forest, Peter Gabriel, Tangerine Dream, Enigma, Era, Kraftwerk, Yello, AfroCelltic Sounds

Discography: “EGREGORE” (1992), “TERRA ORTHODOXA” (1993), “TRIBAL ART” (1997), "MAGELLAN" (2006)


Nenad Antanasijevic, born and living in Belgrade, is ANTANAS. He has dedicated his life to music, and the CD "Magellan" is the summary of his solo work. It is made up of environmental-instrumental music, the first of its kind in Serbia and Montenegro.

CD “MAGELLAN” by ANTANAS is an electronic / ambient /experimental / space /chillout music and it is unsigned project started in 2006. ANTANAS had previous music experience playing the drums on diverse music projects in band “PILOTI” (1980-1982) and  as a music producer before 1985. But a couple of years later, he discovered the electronic ambient space scene and he rapidly gained interest to learn the ways to produce this style of music. From 1992 to 2006 he self publish three CD-s of ambiental instrumental music.